Why Grantcare

When it comes to disaster recovery, ‘cities should not reinvent the wheel.

— David Schreiner, 100Resilient Cities

GrantCare was built by an experienced team.

Jurisdictions handled across
four states
homes rebuilt over the course of three
Combined years of grant management

Our journey

In the last decade, the team at GrantCare developed deep
experience managing billions of dollars in CDBG-DR funds for
programs in Texas, Louisiana, New Jersey, and New York.

Our reach

Since 2008, we’ve helped over 40 cities across Texas, Louisiana, New Jersey, and New York, gaining sound appreciation for local needs and procedures nationwide.

Understanding compliance

We understand the laws governing CBDG-DR programs. GrantCare uses multiple sources to verify duplication of benefits, including FEMA, SBA and verification with third parties.

Technology background

Our team and our partners have experience building the latest digital technological solutions for federal, state, and local government projects.

GrantCare combines our experience

Unique challenges faced

  • Less than a month after the Hurricane Katrina disaster.
  • 29 counties were declared eligible for CDBG disaster recovery assistance.
  • 75,000 homes in the area suffered major damage or were destroyed.
  • Majority of houses were in areas predominantly occupied by low and moderate-income households.

Solutions built

  • Web-based application used to record interactions and documentation collected through the process.
  • Developed integrated scheduling software used across all service centers.
  • Established contractor assignment system to accelerate the flow of new construction.

Unique challenges faced

  • In 2008, within a 52-day time frame, Presidentally Declared Disaster Areas, Gustav, and Dolly impacted eastern Texas.
  • First time in Texas history that all Texas coastal counties were Presidentially Declared Disaster areas at the same time.
  • Thousands of homes were repaired using federal grants awarded from Rita program.

Solutions built:

  • Web-based application used to record interactions and documentation collected through the process.
  • System for management of contractor reassignments and project takeover.

Unique challenges faced

  • On October 29,2012, Hurricane Sandy's storm surge hit New York City, flooding streets, tunnels and subway lines and cutting power in and around the city.
  • Funded by $1.7 billion in federal Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) dollars.
  • This was a large-scale operation in a city with no prior experience operating a residential CDGB-DR program.
  • Diverse program management team and network of contractors.

Solutions built

  • Process workflow mapping tool used to capture process interdependencies.
  • Built program system of record, first of its kind to combine all aspects of CDBG-DR program delivery.
  • Systems built on Microsoft Dynamics platform.

GrantCare stands on the pillars of efficient disaster management.

We put all our experience and energy into building GrantCare as the one solution that covers all the technology, compliance and human-relations needs of sensitive programs such as the CBDG-DR. Here are the pillars that make it strong, reliable, flexible and easy-to-use.


Uncomplicated, succinct, and speedy communication is of utmost importance to a successful disaster recovery program. Homeowners who apply for grants will always know where they stand and the ‘GrantCare Applicant Portal’ will ensure that.

In addition, GrantCare has an easy-to-configure workflow engine to send e-mails, texts and notifications so that the user does not lose valuable time looking for an update, and can focus on what requires their urgent attention. 

Data-driven decision-making

Over 70% of disaster recovery organizations wish to be exclusively data-driven, but a mere 29% are able to achieve it. GrantCare’s data governance and case management model makes it easy to find, make sense of and trust data; manage cases, review, inspect, calculate, award, and close-out the recovery process.

Dashboards, web resources, customizable documents and spreadsheets ensure that case managers have the tools they need to stay on top of their applications and cases at all times.

Business intelligence

GrantCare assimilates environmental data at the program and application level to ensure environmental impacts, if any, are addressed in the environmental review record (ERR) for every application.

Intelligent environmental checklists are built based on the organization’s skill-sets and requirements. GrantCare can also generate documents or spreadsheets that collate the environment-specific data and store them within the system.


Understanding the risks associated with the misuse of Federal funds, GrantCare incorporates compliance-controls at each stage of the recovery process. The team is well acquainted with the CDBG-DR lifecycle and has system controls built to ensure all steps are brought to a logical conclusion in accordance with the Stafford Act and federal regulations.

GrantCare is fueled by Microsoft’s world class cloud security. CDBG-DR programs tend to contain access to confidential customer information. Safeguarding the privacy of this data and minimizing the risk of unauthorized access is one of the highest priorities for our team.

Training and monitoring

Every member of the GrantCare team attends an ‘onboard training’, followed by an exhaustive training series covering all aspects of the program. This training is provided in-person and via webinar with each session being recorded and posted to our ‘Knowledge Base’ where they can be accessed at the user’s convenience.

We provide mandatory refresher training at 30-day intervals to reinforce policies and also acquaint ourselves with updated procedures and objectives which in turn manifests itself in the form of more engaged team members, fewer delays, and happy homeowners.

Technological foundation

GrantCare is a web-based application built on Dynamics 365, with security enabled at record-level, field-level, role-based, hierarchical, and across access points. 

The platforms allows access through a portal from a mobile device or a browser.


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